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Digital Finance, Community Driven & Charity Oriented. The Gypsycoin Finance Project offers finance, education & development solutions worldwide.


Press releases about our project

Our project gained recognition and a great popularity among investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts


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Our project is completely transparent.

Here we will put the TX of each transaction made by GYPSYCOIN management for: Charity, Liquidity and Marketing.

Token Contract Address: 0xf0f12eb15ba29362d101fa6e57bbdd708f4043e7

News, Updates & Info

​Completed Tasks

    ✓  Released on the 31st of July 2021;  

    ✓  99% of the total supply of tokens have been burned;  

    ✓  First 1000 holders in the first week;

    ✓  x10 growth in the first week; 

    ✓  Investors & enthusiasts started promoting our project; 

    ✓  We received over 14.000 votes on CoinSniper; 

    ✓  We have been listed on BoggedFinance. 

    ✓  1700 holders in 3 weeks.

    ✓  x100 growth in the first 3 weeks

    ✓  2700 holders in one month

    ✓  We will participate on a TV show where we will discuss details about our project.

    ✓  Liquidity locked for one year. 


Ongoing Tasks:

  • ​Listing on: CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko;

  • Listing on a new exchange: Hotbit;

  • Organizing our first charity event, where we will provide food and goods to needy people;



From people for people.

Simple System

Safe and simple method to buy and transfer.


Charity Oriented

The primary goal is to assist poor children to have all the conditions for a normal life.


Liquidity locked

Liquidity is locked until August 19 2022.

You can check the proof of liquidity lock here:

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Driven by community

We are close with our community and we make all decisions together.


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Burn tokens

We organize monthly token burns to increase $GYPSYCOIN value.

99% burned so far

As seen in

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Total Supply:
Burned tokens: 99% Total Supply
Market  Supply: 0.5% of Circulating Supply
Charity : 0.2% of Circulating Supply
Team & Marketing: 0.2% of Circulating Supply





He is the king of gypsies from all over the world, the president of the International Romani Union in Romania and a very well-known businessman.

He has supported and organized many charitable events, being always concerned about the good of his community.






Florin Tănase Cioabă (17 November 1954 – 18 August 2013) was a Romanian Romani Pentecostal minister and proclaimed King of Roma Everywhere. Florin Cioabă was the son of Ioan Cioabă, a Kalderashi Romani leader.



Ioan Cioabă (b. 7 January 1935, Băilești, Dolj county - d. 23 February 1997, Bucharest) was a well-known leader of the Romanian Roma until 1989, who was proclaimed as international King of the Gypsies in 1992.




Luminiţa Cioabă (Maria Mihai Cioabă) is a Kaldarashi Romani writer and author - born in 1957 in Târgu Cărbuneşti, Romania. At the time of her birth, her family was still leading a semi-nomadic life. Luminiţa’s father and grandfather were respected Roma who held the traditional title of bulibaşa (wise men and leaders who negotiated between their own community and the authorities). In 1963 the Cioabă family settled in the Transylvanian town of Sibiu, where her father,  Ioan Cioabă – was known as the King of Gypsies.


Launching Phase

(0-1,000 holders)
Token deployment on BscScan, Our first donation, Website creation, Whitepaper creation.

The Big Push

(1,000-5,000 holders)

TechRate audit, More donations, TrustWallet Logo implementation, Influencer Marketing, Listings on Coinhunt and Coisniper, Merch Store.

Final purpose

(25,000+ holders)
Biggest cryptocurrency donation platform to assist over 10000 families in their fight against poverty. 


(5,000 - 10,000 holders)
Coingecko and CoinMarketCap application, Listings on popular exchanges, Charity events.

Short description

The $GYPSYCOIN project is an ecosystem designed to support the development of Roma communities. This ecosystem involves a trading and charity system with a focus on facilitating education among Roma communities.

The basic principles of this project are: transparency, honesty and collective spirit. The focus on the community and its needs is the basis of our organization, which requires a high degree of involvement from community members.

The $GYPSYCOIN token has multiple utilities: community trading currency, funding of educational projects, long-term financial investment, charity funding & payments.

The $GYPSYCOIN project is unique and is the only crypto project that focuses on solving the difficulties of the Roma community, by creating a digital ecosystem as a help mechanism. For this reason, our project benefits from the support of international Roma organizations.

The main charitable activities on which this project focuses are: higher education, financial education, health education and awareness of contemporary issues.

Our project is meant to serve the Roma community as a whole. This implies that we serve the Roma community, not only by providing trading and education services, but also by consolidating the identity element of the Roma culture.

Although it is a project addressed to Roma communities, $GYPSYCOIN is an inclusive organization, open to everyone who shares the same moral values and ideals as us.

In today's society, the topic of Roma education has become more sensitive. As a result, tackling the problems that Roma communities face necessitates a multi-dimensional approach. Our initiative suggests a multilateral strategy focused on social support, individual counseling, and assistance with Roma enrollment in educational institutions.

The financial, technological, and other areas are integrating blockchain technology. Communities established around shared ideals have been given an economic dimension thanks to this technology, which has been linked to the emergence of cryptocurrencies. This is significant since it allows for self-regulation of the economy, according to the interests of the community.

Due to the appearance of this opportunity, the initiative to create GYPSYCOIN: The first gypsy currency, which is an integral part of contemporary history and a world premiere for the Roma community